25 September 2008

la crêperie

Ah, the French.

In the Philippines, when we think of street food, we think of fishballs, kwek-kwek, isaw, adidas, and other strange concoctions with funny-sounding names.

Of course, in France they have crêpes. Crêpes sucrées or crêpes salées, having a crêpe on a cobblestoned street in France sounds so much more sophisticated than saying you had fishballs sa kanto.

So anyway, it's way overdue, but here is my requisite eating-a-crêpe-in-France picture, on Cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence's main street. The angry German behind me is my favorite dinner buddy, Flo (yes, Flo, you're my favorite!), who finally made me try a crêpe after one month of living in France.

Bon appétit!

14 September 2008

comfort in your strangeness

Today I found myself sitting alone in the middle of a park, under the shadow of pine trees and a full moon.


But not lonely.


It has been a month since I stepped foot in France. As surreal and wonderful as it sounds, the reality is the first weeks were hell for me. Unable to speak the language, I felt lost and alienated.

I was in France, but my heart was not.

I roamed the streets with empty eyes. I looked without really seeing. I heard things without really listening.

I could no longer see the magic in ordinary things.

I felt like I had lost myself all over again.


The nights have become chillier.

Summer is almost over, and soon I will no longer be able to swim in the pool or spend my weekends by the beach. I find myself wrapping my jacket around me tighter, digging my hands deeper into my pockets.

Yet with the change in season, I find my spirits lifting.

The streets seem quieter, calmer. Somewhere within, I can feel myself more at peace.

It has been a month, yes. It has been a struggle, yes. But there are three more months to go. So much more to experience.

It's high time I start seeing the magic again.


Bonjour France.

I'm finally here.

10 September 2008

ma maison

So, I moved... and of course, when you have a new place, you need to throw a dinner party!

our excuse: ethiopian new year!
(l-r) florian, nawaz, karun, gui xian, meseret, moi, and suds

More pictures of my apartment here.