21 November 2008


autumn leaves under frozen soles
hungry hands turning soft and old
my hero cried as we stood out there in the cold
like these autumn leaves i don't have nothing to hold
- autumn, paolo nutini

autumn leaves blanket cours mirabeau, the main street of aix-en-provence
[aix-en-provence, france]

08 November 2008

holding on & letting go

and maybe you wake up late at night,
wondering why you feel so tired.
well my dear, let me tell you now,
do you hear?
its only fear, its only fear,
its only fear...
that keeps you locked in here.
- it's only fear, alexi murdoch

padlocks on the pont des arts bridge
[paris, france]

02 November 2008

rue de la glaciere

sleep again won’t come to me
i walk outside, the galaxies
and stars surround the whole world like a dome
i’m still alone
and i’m feeling like i’m a long, long way from home
- long way from home, jesse harris

taken while i was sitting on a random doorway, 2am, rue de la glaciere
[aix-en-provence, france]